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Venus Power, Make Up! | 1992 // 2014

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Sailor Moon (◕‿◕)

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Sailor Moon Crystal | Sailor Venus 

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biggest plot twist ever..

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Make damn sure what you’re waiting for, is worth the fucking wait.


At McDonald’s in Japan, French Fries Are Causing All Sorts of Chaos

The French fry sale is leading to a handful of kids holding their own “Potato Party”, in which they order absurd numbers of fries, and then upload the images to Twitter or their own blogs. And things seemed to have hit a fever pitch when a group visited a McDonald’s near Okayama Station and ordered sixty large fries. They covered their table with trays and video game ads. The sixty French fry cardboard boxes were stacked up, and there was even a little pink balloon that announced their effort to consume sixty orders of large fries. Apparently, all the fries were gobbled up.

However, as Itai News points out, someone who’s supposedly an employee of that McDonald’s tweeted to the person who posted the photo, writing via Twitter, “Please stop, please stop”.

The supposed employee added that other customers had complained. The issue seems to have been that the French fry eating went on for three hours, with the group eating sixty orders of French fries. It looks like one table was used for the feeding frenzy, while the adjacent walkway was packed with their friends who watched. Basically, the supposed employee seemed most upset about the lack of courtesy on their part.

"Plus, during our restaurant’s busiest period, 11am to 2pm, there was no prior notice about such a large order [from you], and this impacted what food and what tables we could offer to other customers." The supposed employee asked them to be aware of the time. Though, this McDonald’s really should have been more aware of what would happen when a group of kids order sixty large fries.

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